Action Archery Rentals

Knockerball Triangle
Knockerball Triangle
Action Archery Brand combat archery games include so much more than just playing Tag!  We’ve combined concepts from games like dodgeball, paintball and archery.  Then mixed it all up with a healthy dose of hunger games style competition played in your best Rambo impersonation.  It’s an all out archery war!  Only our warriors are using foam tipped arrows for battle!!!

Action Archery is best suited for ages 13 and up.

Outdoor Event Only

Rental Rates

$200 for 1 hour $275 for 2 hours
$350 for 3 hours

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Neighborhood Fun

Action Archery is great for getting the neighborhood together for a little afternoon fun!

Church Groups

Your church group will love being able to play Action Archery at your next outing!


Student governments, fraternities and sororities all love having Action Archery at functions!

Team Building

Combat is a great way to strengthen team bonds.


Invite us to your next festival and be the life of the party.