Hot Off the KnockerBall Press, Good News Travels Fast!



Well here we are, literally 4 months into a major national rollout for KnockerBall and to say that the management team is pleased with the scaling of popularity and awareness of the brand is definitely an understatement. Let me be clear, even to this day, our fundamental goal is still to have the best quality ball in the world, be the largest supplier and distributor of these balls in the world, and be the leading uber brand with customer service that is so outrageously amazing it leaves our clients shaking their heads. These things are the core building blocks to building a successful brand and company.
Basically, KnockerBall is well on its way to becoming the largest and best in the world, if it’s not already. All indications show no other company anywhere in the world has commissioned to make even a small percentage of our factory capacity and sales. KnockerBall USA has already forged alliances with major distributors for multiple channels of trade. This element of the product rollout will take place during the second quarter of 2015.
However, there is so much more. We have all heard the commercials, seen the flyers, and have been beaten over the head with the “be your own boss, make your own hours, it’s your turn” advertisements for dozens of franchises. Sandwich shops, hair salons, gyms, its never ending. We have even written about this in previous news alerts, but what we are seeing with KnockerBall contractor growth, the type of entrepreneur involved, and moreover the value associated with opening up your own KnockerBall business is literally mind blowing.
There are KnockerBall partners in over 50 cities already and the company projects upwards of 1000 operators throughout the country by years’ end.
Open a gym or even a stay-at-home real estate business and watch the thousands and thousands of investment dollars pile up. Buy 10 to 20 KnockerBalls for less than three thousand dollars and you are truly your own boss, your phone is ringing immediately, and you have something that is in demand. Even more, there are currently no on-going fees to be paid to corporate and no override on sales. Heck, the company even assigns you regionally specific urls and plugs you into the directory right now for free. So those that act and capitalize on the opportunity are thriving. Just ask KnockerBallPheonix, KnockerBall Orlando, Vegas, Dallas…well, you pick the city and ask them. Here is the best part. The KnockerBall operators communicate with each other, network, caucus on how to improve game play, share bookings and forge friendships through a common theme of making money by making people laugh and have a great time. So bottom line, look for a KnockerBall business in your neighborhood or start your own because there can be only so many gold rushes or real estate bubbles. This is for real folks, get in now because becoming an instant business owner and starting a business that makes money from day one has never been so easy and fun!